Let’s talk a bit about the opportunities and losses brought by 2020 to the roller industry
As a manufacturing company, we witness a decline in the entire economic environment. How to correctly evaluate the losses and opportunities brought by the epidemic as a business running in roller manufacturing industry?
Talking about the Teflon roller
With the development of logistics equipment industry, logistics automation plays an increasingly important role in the field of processing and production. In the industries of chemical, mechanical and viscous material transportation and operation, meeting the specified hygiene requirements for food and beverage transportation is essential, and under special working conditions, traditional surface treatment methods didn’t prove efficient, so we had to find a better option. Today, we will talk about “Teflon”, closely associated to such industries. Teflon, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene in physics, is one of the most corrosion resistant materials. It is widely used for products having to meet certain acid and alkali resistance and organic solvents requirements. Teflon can be found found in the non-stick pan and rice cooker tanks.
Damon Industrial Europe LTD General Manager’s journey to China
August in Huzhou. The sun blazes like a ball of fire. It feels like you’ve entered a food steamer. The days are so hot that it gets almost impossible to breathe. During this time, Mr. Marius Mihaila, General Manager at Damon Industrial Europe LTD began his journey to China.
ZAM Tube comes to the scene to improve roller surface properties
In mid-April 2019, Damon Industry held a "ZAM Tube Roller" conference at the LogiMAT China Exhibition site, which introduced ZAM tubes into the logistics conveying roller industry to enhance customer value. Up to now, three months have passed, has the promotion of ZAM tubes achieved the desired results? How about the acceptability of our customers? Let us witness together!
Damon Industry Exploring Compilations --Broken 'body'
This story begins with a package. The yellow kraft paper is a bit dim in the light, with some oil stains on it. As the paper bag is cut apart by the sharp knife, a broken 'body' comes into sight. My mind is taken back to the crime scene.
Choose right, not expensive
The multi-ribbed pulley plays an increasingly important role in roller box transportation in the field of logistics equipment industry. However, due to its natural “belt drive” properties and the current market situation, if made of plastic materials, it is not environmentally friendly. Many of our clients ask for Damon Industry’s multi-ribbed belt roller 2250 series to be made of metal.
A talk with Damon Industry about steel tubes used for roller conveyors
With the rapid development of fields like E-commerce, express delivery and logistics and the popularization of automated logistics, roller conveyors have been used widely. Roller conveyors have already evolved from a niche product processed by a machine to a common and standardized industrial product manufactured on an assembly line.
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