The Reference Scheme Given by Damon Industry for the Logistics of Different Sizes of Goods
With the rapid development of society, online shopping has become one of the "Four New Inventions" in the new era, which has brought us ease and convenience. But at the same time, the logistics industry has to accept a variety of challenges.
Mom, what is a roller?
If a small roller starts spinning, the whole world follows.
Damon Industry “ZAM Pipe Roller” Officially Released Today
In LogiMAT China exhibition, Damon Industry shall officially release ZAM roller. Welcome to Stand 3B15, Damon Industry, for visit and guidance.
Among thousands of installation methods, only one is suitable
As one of the core components of the roller conveyor, the conveying roller will be installed in various conveying equipment eventually. Different installation methods and their roles are often prone to be ignored. Today, let's talk about: The installation methods of the conveyor rollers.
Damon Industry in times of change ——interview with general manager of Damon Industry, Cai Yongzhen
In 2018, logistics industry had to deal with new challenges and new trends and every company in the field had to figure out how to cope with the new situation. During the CeMAT ASIA exhibition in 2018, our reporter interviewed Mrs. Cai Yongzhen, general manager of Damon Industry once again, about the development ideas she has for Damon Industry under new circumstances, and I believe she is a source of inspiration for our readers and for everyone working in the field.
Damon Industry’s “South Taihu Craftsman” – Dai Guohua -carrying forward the craftsman’s spirit
In 2018, craftsmanship was promoted intensely all over the world. In order to prepare our human resource and to gather knowledge for launching the project “Made in China 2025 – pilot city”, we took part in “South Taihu Lake artisany” activity. Dai Guohua from Damon Industry represented us at the event and stood out among many candidates, being named “South Taihu Craftsman of 2018”.
[The lecture Hall of Damon Industry] takes you into the mysterious land of ZAM (II)
The previous edition introduced what is "ZAM", its development history and the application in various industries. Now let me introduce why "ZAM" is so popular and concerned and what benefits it brings to the mankind?
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