Let’s talk a bit about the opportunities and losses brought by 2020 to the roller industry
As a manufacturing company, we witness a decline in the entire economic environment. How to correctly evaluate the losses and opportunities brought by the epidemic as a business running in roller manufacturing industry?
Building the Dream of Damon with Craftsman's Ingenuity ——The First Professional Skills Competition of Damon Industry
In order to carry forward the spirit of craftsman, strengthen the construction of skilled personnel, speed up the cultivation of craftsmen, select and cultivate excellent high-skilled personnel, 60 contestants and 18 referees from various departments gathered together on November 27, 2019 to open up the First Professional Skills Competition of Damon Industry in 2019. This competition has 8 major events, namely, pipe calibration, common lathe, numerical control, blanking, making of fitter and forklift and quality defect finding. With the wide range, the competition is closely combined with actual production work. The staff's participation was extremely enthusiastic and the atmosphere was warm.
Building Damon Industry’s “organizational culture”
What is culture? Famous writer Lung Ying-Tai defined "culture" as follows---human beings are scattered pearls, rolling around, culture is a thin but strong piece of string, so wearing a string of pearls is like building a society. When civil society no longer relies on imperial power or theocracy to consolidate its base, culture and history become the most important cohesive factors.
Damon Industry won the "Top Ten Brands of Logistics Accessories in 2019" award
With the State Council’s approval on “China Brand Day”, winning the “leading brand” position is of great importance. On October 24th 2019, in the E1 Hall of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, it was held the “Logistics Famous Brand Awarding Ceremony”, with the theme "Intelligent and Green Logistics Technology Equipment Purchasing" - "2019 Logistics Technology Equipment Procurement and Selection Seminar and 2019 Logistics Famous Brand Awarding Ceremony". The conference was organized by top brand logistics companies in cooperation with CeMAT ASIA, Asia's most influential Asian International Logistics Technology Exhibition.
The Reference Scheme Given by Damon Industry for the Logistics of Different Sizes of Goods
With the rapid development of society, online shopping has become one of the "Four New Inventions" in the new era, which has brought us ease and convenience. But at the same time, the logistics industry has to accept a variety of challenges.
Damon Industry Gains Information Copyright Protection to Eradicate Tort
Damon Industry, as one of the globally leading professional manufacturers of conveying roller, has been facing the market and competition with openness. We are willing to share our ideas of quality, innovation and management with you. However, with the constant development of the company and the improvement of brand popularity, more and more "followers" arbitrarily use the information of our company and our products without the permission of Damon Industry, which has brought much trouble to our company:
An overlooked piece – the plastic steel sprocket
When thinking about sprocket transport, the first thing that comes to someone’s mind is the steel sprocket, often overlooking the plastic steel sprocket. It is true that the steel sprocket has more advantages in terms of heavy-duty conveying and specification models, while plastic steel sprocket does not seem “very reliable”. For instance: Can the impact resistance of the plastic steel sprocket meet customer demands? Can be stability and longevity guaranteed in case of a plastic steel sprocket that is used for a long time?
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