The Reference Scheme Given by Damon Industry for the Logistics of Different Sizes of Goods
With the rapid development of society, online shopping has become one of the "Four New Inventions" in the new era, which has brought us ease and convenience. But at the same time, the logistics industry has to accept a variety of challenges.
Damon’s Conveyor Roller Boosts 6.18 Shopping Feast
In early summer when students are about to take exams for either academic test of junior high or college entrance, shopaholics are looking forward to the upcoming heated shopping feast on June 18th. Having picked the crown jewels on the wish list for the cart, the eager shoppers just can’t wait to have them as soon as possible, to which end e-commerce giants and express companies have resorted to the key of logistics center, an automated sorting system, to accomplish sorting and delivery with rapidity and accuracy. For each one of them, the conveyor varies from several to even dozens of kilometers that applies thousands of rollers.
Damon Industry’s belt conveyor pulley helped DWS express delivery system stabilize its operations
With the rapid development of E-commerce and express delivery, China's total express deliveries reached 50.5 billion in 2018, 9 times more than in 2012, ranking first in the world. In order to manage sorting and packaging efficiently and to calculate shipping costs accurately, it is necessary that the information on the package (dimension, weight and barcode) is processed automatically and uploaded to the central system in real time. The parcel sorting system that processes weighing, barcode scanning and volume measuring automatically is called DWS (short name).
Spoiler: The First Stage of Damon EPR Information Project Has Been Successfully Completed
It has been three months since ERP upgrading project launched by Damon after the Spring Festival of 2019. At present, the blueprint design has been successfully completed according to the node plan, and the deviation degree of time plan is only 0.21%. Then, what highlights does this set of new information system have? How will it promote the company management as well as the customer value? We can see it from three aspects of sales management, technology management as well as production management.
There’s a new plan for the small sized belt conveyor
Belt conveyor is the most common piece of equipment in handling goods in indoor places. Due to the fact that it is a customizable product, its design and structure are very much alike, so in everybody’s mind, there’s no need for upgrades and improvements for this type of product.
Damon Industry’s accumulating roller changed its “core” and started again
Following Industrialization 4.0, more and more factories have started using automated assembly lines. Rollers play a great role in transporting goods produced by the automated assembly machine from one point to another, where they are collected and stored with the help of an accumulating roller.
Better choice of conveyor roller frees you from "rust" worry
Conveyor roller is one of the most important parts in the logistics system, so how to quickly find out its prime configuration is a matter of concern for many users. Therefore, I will show you better roller configuration according to the classification of gravity roller, drive roller and electric roller in the following part.
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