The Reference Scheme Given by Damon Industry for the Logistics of Different Sizes of Goods
With the rapid development of society, online shopping has become one of the "Four New Inventions" in the new era, which has brought us ease and convenience. But at the same time, the logistics industry has to accept a variety of challenges.
Damon Industry Exploring Compilations --Broken 'body'
This story begins with a package. The yellow kraft paper is a bit dim in the light, with some oil stains on it. As the paper bag is cut apart by the sharp knife, a broken 'body' comes into sight. My mind is taken back to the crime scene.
Choose right, not expensive
The multi-ribbed pulley plays an increasingly important role in roller box transportation in the field of logistics equipment industry. However, due to its natural “belt drive” properties and the current market situation, if made of plastic materials, it is not environmentally friendly. Many of our clients ask for Damon Industry’s multi-ribbed belt roller 2250 series to be made of metal.
A talk with Damon Industry about steel tubes used for roller conveyors
With the rapid development of fields like E-commerce, express delivery and logistics and the popularization of automated logistics, roller conveyors have been used widely. Roller conveyors have already evolved from a niche product processed by a machine to a common and standardized industrial product manufactured on an assembly line.
Logistics Conveyor Roller, mainly compiled by Damon Industry, is officially approved as "Made in Zhejiang" standard.
[March 28, 2019, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province] Logistics Conveyor Roller standard, chiefly drafted by Zhejiang Damon Industry Equipment Co., Ltd., is approved by Zhejiang Brand Construction Association to become "Made in Zhejiang" standard (No. T/ZZB 1011-2019) and come into effect formally since March 31.
A world of curved paths: Supreme
Turning conveyors are the most commonly used in changing direction of the conveying line. As compared to the transplanter and the rotary table, it has a simple structure, good reliability and high efficiency. The principle is that a tapered roller gives the inner and outer sides of the conveying goods different linear speeds, so the roller becomes the core component of the whole process.
Damon Industry’s high quality roller guarantee
Zhejiang Damon Industrial CO. LTD promised to offer a guarantee of high quality rollers. Everybody knows that rollers are one of the key parts of a logistics conveying equipment. The quality of rollers will determine the quality of the whole transportation system. “Creating competition for customers in the logistics field” is Zhejiang Damon Industrial CO. LTD’s mission. Every employee at Damon Industrial Co. set a goal from delivering high-quality products.
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