Let’s talk a bit about the opportunities and losses brought by 2020 to the roller industry
As a manufacturing company, we witness a decline in the entire economic environment. How to correctly evaluate the losses and opportunities brought by the epidemic as a business running in roller manufacturing industry?
The way back to work – Damon Industry———Control/ Resumption of production
Zhejiang Damon Industry is taking measures to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic and to ensure safety and good health to its employees. It started again with full power and resumed its high quality production.
Spoiler: Switched to a New System of Damon Industry ERP
The system switching mode was officially started in Damon Industry ERP on January 16, 2020.
Year review | This is what 2019 brought us
2019 hand in hand, 2020 we continue to sail away!
From a processed part to an industrial product——The Damon Industry’s belt conveyor roller
With the rapid development of the logistics equipment industry, especially of the local express delivery industry, the demand for belt conveyors has increased significantly, along with the demand for rollers, so the market urged the standardization of the belt conveyor rollers. However, since the market has not imposed any standards, both the belt conveyor manufacturer and the end user confronted with some problems. In order to meet the customers’ needs, Zhejiang Damon Industry has launched a standardization program in the following areas:
The Past, the Present and the Future Shared by Damon Industry and You -- 2019 Report of Customer Satisfaction
The year of 2019 is soon over. We often ask ourselves: Have we truly satisfied customers? At the end of the year, we conducted the annual investigation of customer satisfaction. Through this annual investigation of customer satisfaction, Damon Industry received the feedback of over 70 clients. With your vigorous support, we obtained a satisfying score. Now we will share the investigation results with you.
Transformation from Processing Parts to Industrial Product --Label Chapter of Damon Industry Belt Roller
As we all know, the driving roller, the head and tail roller and the tensioning roller used in the belt conveyor need a lot of turning, so we are used to call them turning roller. It is precisely because that the need for a large amount of machining can provide greater flexibility, and there is no professional supplier in the market; Therefore, each belt conveyor manufacturer is used to independently design and process or outsourcing the manufacturing of rollers, and the roller is completely reduced to a processing part.
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