Intelligent Logistics Leader----Damon Industry Intelligent MDR
Damon Industry willingly becomesnot only a conveying roller supplier but also a solution provider with focus on conveying roller for the customers to contribute to the development of modern logistics!
Secret Weapon in Logistics System of E-commerce Giant: Damon Industry Intelligent MDR
At this time of double 11, it is a big challenge for the express logistics industry. Pressure on logistics sorting center is enormous.
“The Simplest” Gravity Conveyor Roller in Express Delivery/E-commerce Distribution Center
By the end of 2016, the amount of installed light gravity conveyor rollers in global express delivery and e-commerce distribution centers has exceeded over 4 million, which contributes to the rapid development of the industry.
Damon Industry Rollers Provide Strong Support for the Development of Lithium Battery in New Energy Vehicles
New energy car batteries mainly to conveyor roller line-based, and the entire production process, all the rollers and other parts have a common requirement - zinc, copper.
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