1.The steel poly-vee belt is firmly welded to the steel tube. The load capacity for

each roller can be as high as 300kg.

2.The precision ball bearing is pressed tightly into the steel bearing housing for

maximum durability.

3.PJ series; Total 11 grooves at 2.34mm pitch.

4.Different poly-vee pulley series are for different center distance of rollers (see the

attached table).

5.The steel poly-vee belt roller are more adaptable than plastic ones.

6.Temperature range: -5℃~ +40℃

7.Humidity range: as low as 2% RH.

8.If your environmental condition is beyond the above range, please contact us.


Steel Z/PSS
  • Please use 5PJ for 4 multi-wedge belts on both sides of the drive (2 on the left and right sides).

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