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Release Time:2021-02-05

A logistics system needs various storage and conveying equipment solutions. Among the most common solutions, we can find the box roller conveyors, the accumulation roller conveyors, the electric roller conveyors, the belt conveyors and the pallet roller conveyors. Power roller slides, and AGVs, that have become very popular in recent years, use a large number of rollers of different types and functions. 


As an important logistics equipment integrator and equipment manufacturer in particular, we had to purchase matching rollers from different suppliers, so to be able to meet the specified requirements regarding storage and the conveying equipment. This has caused both integrators and equipment vendors a lot of inconvenience and cost increase: 

1. In order to deal with various suppliers, we had to hire more employees in the purchasing department.

2. Due to having to communicate with multiple suppliers, we lost efficiency.

3. Due to the fact that materials were scattered around, we were having a hard time finding high-quality materials.

4. Due to purchasing from different suppliers, the overall cost with delivery has increased a lot. 

Damon Industry has provided customers with conveyor rollers since 1997. All this time, it has evolved from being a provider of conveyor rollers and conveyor rollers only, to being a provider of four categories of rollers. In this way, we were able to satisfy different customers’ requirements in matters of conveying equipment.   

1. Reliable and durable conveyor rollers: unpowered rollers, driving rollers (driven by O-belts, ribbed belts, chains, etc.), accumulation rollers, and tapered rollers for reversing the direction; there are four series of each of them, they are available in dozens of variants and specifications to meet the customers' needs.


2. High-torque intelligent electric rollers: powered electric rollers weighing 1.4 tons, combined with an open bus communication driver card with built-in intelligent chips and logical programs, to help customers build intelligent interconnected electric roller conveyors


3. High-strength belt conveyor with especially designed rollers: in order to produce belt rollers, we use the national patented friction welding process, which ensures high-strength and reliable welding to the products, so to resist the tension of the belt. We provide our customers with a more stable and reliable belt conveyor


4.Soft damping roller: adaptable to 10~1000Kg cargo gravity slides and relying on a flexible speed control technology; whether we refer to the small products sorting slide or the heavy pallets slide, goods slide down at a safe and stable speed, which means that our clients can enjoy an ecological and safe transportation, “zero” energy consumption and low costs. 


To provide customers with professional one-stop rollers and services is part of Damon Industry’s mission of "creating competitiveness in the logistics industry"; this is a new beginning for Damon Industry and we will continue to grow and develop more and more rollers, so to be able to meet the actual and future needs of our customers. We hope we can receive more feedback and suggestions from you! 

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