Improving the Delivery Process and Boosting Efficiency--Application of the Milling Machine
Release Time:2019-02-14

Following the increasing popularity of the e-commerce industry, logistics equipment market has been growing, together with customers’ demands in matters of quality, price and delivery.

Belt roller is the core component of logistics equipment, and its production process is quite complex. Damon Industry has been doing a lot of research in the past years, so as to be able to improve product quality and to fix customers pain points, managing to win customers trust.Due to the long production cycle of this product and the requirements for a shorter delivery time, the company decided to set up a team to optimize the manufacturing process.

With the managers support and after carrying out a market research, at the beginning of 2018, the company decided to start upgrading the equipment and as a result, it was purchased the most advanced CNC milling machine. The introduction and application of the milling machine greatly enhanced the processing capacity of products and boosted production efficiency and the delivery process.


First of all, production process was greatly improved. The original milling machine needed 3-4 processes to complete production. Now, production is successfully completed after only one time clamping. In this way, the manufacturing cycle time was greatly reduced.

Secondly, by combining processes, production costs were also effectively reduced. While originally, the mold was processed separately, now, by combined processing, we managed to save time, reduce productions cost and deal with the raw material inventory turnover.

Thirdly, production became more efficient. While before, we needed three machines to complete production, now, with the help of the CNC milling machine, it takes only one machine to do all the work. Production capacity increased about three times, and it also solved the labor problem.                     


Fourthly, product quality improved a lot. The CNC milling machine uses an advanced numerical control system, so any problems regarding high quality, correct manual operation disappeared. Operation is now more simple, more accurate and more stable, and there's an obvious improvement in product quality.                     

Following the principle “customers first”, Damon Industry is trying its best and constantly exploring, so to become the most loyal partner to its clients. 

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