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Release Time:2019-02-21

In daily communication with clients, we often receive feedback from clients like this: "The website of Damon Industry has done a great job with perfect functions, which brings us a lot of convenience in our daily work!"

Today I would like to solemnly introduce the website of Damon Industry. You can log in our official website as soon as you enter www.damonroller.com. There are six main functional modules on the homepage of the official website, which are: Support for Product's Model Selection, Inquiry for Product Details, Download Product Drawings, Download Product Sample Brochure, Order Service Online and Cases on Industry Application.

If you don't know what kind of roller products to choose in the early stage of product selection, it doesn't matter. The module of "Support for Product's Model Selection" of Damon Industry Official Website can help you select the right roller products quickly. All you have to do is to select or input simple information about the type of conveying, the weight and type of goods, the brief description of application conditions and transmission mode, etc. upon the prompt. The system will automatically recommend the suitable type of roller for you.


If you want to know more about product parameters after choosing the product type, you can enter the module "Inquiry for Product Details", where you can find detailed product description and specific data parameters, so that you can further understand the product to choose a more suitable roller product.

It is needless to say more about that "Download Product Drawings" is one of the most frequently used module for technicians. You can download CAD drawings or 3D models simply by selecting or entering the required roller parameters in the product configuration and entering the name of company, contact and mailbox. Please make sure you enter the correct email address.


Click on the module of "Download Product Sample Brochure", which contains our company's latest and most fully product profile and brochure of model's selection of conveyor rollers, electric rollers and belt rollers, to provide you with the best technical tools.


You can also learn that the performance of Damon Industry roller in various industries is in the module of "Cases on Industry Application", which can give you some reference.


All these powerful functions are made by our colleagues in the Marketing Department of Damon Industry. Through their combination of client's feedback and various surveys for continuous improvement of several revisions of the website, the clients can quickly find what they want, thus improving the client experience. The product service and brand image of a company can be well reflected by a company's website. It cannot be said that the website of Damon Industry is the best-looking, but it is the most practical. It can accurately grasp the pain points of clients, meet their needs and improve satisfaction of clients.

Dear friends, come to www.damonroller.com for the best experience. Welcome to Damon Industry!

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