【 Applied Research Institute 】 What is "the sprocket wheel below the roller surface"?
Release Time:2023-08-10

Today, we will talk about a special application of "the sprocket wheel below the roller surface".

Why do you need it? How to choose the roller? What should we pay attention to? Let's find out.

Application Analysis

"The sprocket wheel below the roller surface", as its name implies, is to ensure that the maximum outer diameter of the chain is smaller than the diameter of the cylinder after the chain is mounted on the roller plate of the sprocket wheel. What is the purpose of this?

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Generally speaking, the goods are transported inside the frame or chain cover plate, and the width W of the roller surface can be selected by referring to the following formula:


Type: B — Width of goods△B— Width margin, generally 50 ~ 150 (mm)

In this case, the driving element and the goods are not in contact.

However, in some specific scenarios, the goods need to extend beyond the roller surface or even beyond the frame (e.g. ultra-wide goods conveying, cross-loading, etc.). In this case, it is necessary to ensure that sprockets and chains cannot interfere with the bottom of the goods.

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To achieve "the sprocket wheel below the roller surface", besides increasing the outer diameter of the roller, it is relatively economical to reduce the specification of the sprocket. In this way, however, it is necessary to ensure that the following conditions are met:

1. The bottom surface of the goods is rigid or nearly rigid, and no significant deformation or bending will occur after losing support;

2. The weld seam between the sprocket and cylinder also needs to be below the roller surface. We suggest that the note "the weld is below the roller" be put on the order drawing, so that we can identify and use special welding methods to ensure that the requirements are met.

图片 3.png

3. The specification of the sprocket wheel can't be reduced at will. If the sprocket is not selected correctly, it can lead to a situation where there is not enough space to fit the right type of bearing.

The following is the sprocket selection table compiled for everyone by Yu, which can meet the requirement of " the sprocket wheel below the roller surface ":


Note: marked "●": recommended choice;

Marked "○": optional, but not recommended (the bearing needs to be built in, and compared with the standard sprocket design, the roller performance will be reduced);

Marked "x": not optional.

OK, the above is the research result about the application of " the sprocket wheel below the roller surface ". I hope this is helpful.

Applied Research Institute, make the design simpler, see you next time!

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