Damon Industry’s electric telescopic machine helps a trading company in Zhejiang to improve its loading and unloading efficiency
Release Time:2021-08-19

A well-known trade distribution center in Zhejiang undertakes the tasks of purchasing, sorting, assembling and re-shipping food and beverages that are very important in the area. At peak times, it needs to face the pressure of more than 50 cars and nearly 100,000 goods entering and leaving the warehouse every day.

In order to improve the handling capacity of goods, the customer has invested heavily in the past few years into the automation of the second floor to the fourth floor of the warehouse, in order to solve the sorting and storage problems of goods by using sliding sorting machines and a multi-level warehouse. However, after the "internal digestibility" has been greatly improved, the ability to move goods in and out of the warehouse has turned into a growth bottleneck.

The reason is that, due to the limitation of the space layout of the old warehouse, the telescopic belt conveyor couldn’t be added to the platform for automatic connection. The customer's current cargo loading and unloading operation is still adopting the traditional model.

Compared with using a telescopic belt conveyor, the goods must be first manually unloaded and palletized and then towed away into the warehouse by forklift instead of unloading and flowing directly into the sorting line (the same pain point exists for outbound storage). Therefore, in terms of time and efficiency, the upper limit of the incoming and outgoing capacity is severely restricted.


The introduction of Damon's electric roller telescopic machine has improved the efficiency of incoming and outgoing goods on the one hand, and on the other hand, has adapted to the limited space of the existing platform area. Specifically:

1. After the truck is berthed, the operator directly unloads the goods on the electric telescopic machine. The telescopic machine, which consists of 3 sets of 6 units connected in series, goes deep into the warehouse directly, and the goods are automatically transported to the designated handling area along with the operation of the equipment, thus eliminating the worthless time of forklift truck loading and unloading and manual pallet assembly;

2. Since the location of the telescopic machine can be moved and it has a certain turning ability, it can be maneuvered to the designated platform as required, and can control "unloading at platform A, warehousing at gate B, and handling in area C". Therefore, compared with the telescopic belt conveyor used in a fixed position, it is more flexible to use and can greatly reduce the one-time purchase cost.

3. When the telescopic machine is not in use, its overall contraction length is short, so it can be stored in the wall area next to the platform, hardly occupying additional space, and it can be quickly unfolded when in use.



In addition, Damon Industry’s electric roller telescopic machine is designed to start, stop and switch forward and reverse rotation of the whole line being controlled by one control cabinet when used in series, which is also appreciated by customers in terms of product experience.


Since last year, Damon Industry has put telescopic conveyor products under unified product management. Relying on nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing core components of logistics equipment and lean management, we continuously optimize and upgrade telescopic machine products, providing customers with products that combine sophisticated design and excellent manufacturing is the unchanging heart of Damon Industry.

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