A good partner for the aluminum profiles roller conveyor ——The tapered tip shaft roller
Release Time:2021-01-27

Because aluminum is lightweight, rust-resistant, easy to clean and good-looking, aluminum roller conveyors are widely used in airports, the pharmaceutical industry, food packaging, clothing, 3C products and other industries dealing with small objects transportation.


It is well known that the ordinary aluminum is less hard than carbon steel, but also that the costs for purchasing high-strength aluminum are very high. Therefore, people usually adjust the shape and structure of the aluminum to increase the strength of the aluminum roller’s body, thereby ensuring the conveying equipment’s stability. In order to avoid cases of aluminum body mounting hole enlargement due to accumulated impact on the roller axis during the conveying process, or even the case of a hexagonal hole going into a round hole, we use the screw connection method instead of the more convenient and cost-effective spring loaded installation method. Taking into consideration that customers need to clean the roller body frequently, it is also necessary to install stainless steel bolts, which will greatly increase the hardware costs.


How can we meet customer's requirements in matters of aluminum conveyors while also saving costs? For this purpose, Damon Industry has specially developed a tapered tip shaft roller. The roller is equipped with high-performance plastic steel tapered sleeves at both ends of the carbon steel shaft. At the same time, the size of the mounting hole is maintained at 11 in the opposite hexagonal holes.


The plastic-steel shaft sleeve has a tapered design. After the roller is installed, the shaft sleeve is attached to the 11 hexagonal holes of the machine body, but very tightly so there will be no space to move. This design ensures that even when the conveyor is in use, there is no relative vibration or impact caused by the frame on the roller's "axis" (axis with a tapered sleeve), so just like in a threaded connection, it forms a whole. In this way, we avoid the risk of abrasion, caused by the friction between the shaft and the machine body holes. Customers can directly use the spring press-in structure to replace the internal threaded connection because it saves time and costs.

The tapered shaft sleeve is made of plastic steel, which naturally has a good corrosion resistance, so there’s no need to be afraid of the moisture and rust caused by daily cleaning. Customers don’t have to use a large number of stainless steel bolts, which reduces a lot the hardware costs.


Our R&D department selected anti-static plastic materials for the tapered shaft sleeve, so the tapered tip shaft roller is equipped with anti-static function by default. It is a valid option even when used in the 3C electronics industry and the clothing industry, so there is no need to worry about static electricity interference.

Customers may also worry about the strength of the plastic-steel shaft sleeve or about its long  time use. Please rest assured that our engineers have fully taken into consideration these requirements from the beginning of their research. First of all, they selected high-strength, anti-static, international branded raw materials and more importantly, they did a great deal of tests. The tapered sleeve roller passed the strength test and the vertical free fall from a 1.5m height test without damage. They also performed anti-impact, anti-aging and other tests, and there’s been people who stepped on the rollers to test their resistance. Under such harsh conditions, the roller can stand up to ten thousand transportation times. So feel free to use our roller and let us develop competitiveness on the conveying equipment and logistics system market!


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