Year review | This is what 2019 brought us
Release Time:2020-01-22

Time and tide wait for no man

Seasons are flowing

We are ready for a new beginning

The experience we shared with Damon Industry

Made us better

In 2019 we held hands

Thank you for every unexpected encounter

Thank you for every step you took together with Damon Industry

Every bit of the past cut out a special 2019

It carried regrets

It carried hope

Let's reap the harvest …


“We upgraded the internal management system”


At the beginning of 2019, Damon Industry started upgrading the ERP system by  combining enterprise management with advanced technology, establishing standards and efficient business processes and ensuring accuracy and effectiveness during the transmission process of data. The new system will be officially launched at the beginning of 2020 and we hope it will bring great value to internal management and to our customers.

“Industry standards”


On March 2019, Zhejiang Damon Industry’s draft “Roller conveyor standards” was acknowledged by the Zhejiang Brand Committee as “Made in Zhejiang” standards. The issuance of these standards will play an important role in the standardization of roller production, which means that quality improvement and stability will be promoted among all of the logistics companies around China.

The“ZAM”tube roller was introduced to our customers


On April 2019, Damon Industry introduced the ZAM tube roller during LogiMAT Asia exposition. Using the corrosion resistant ZAM as a material for a roller’s tube helped the logistics industry to improve customer value. Since the release of the ZAM tube, customers’ acceptance has gradually increased, along with the number of ZAM tube rollers.   


“Exchange activities”


On May 2019, it took place Damon Industry’s meeting on product exchange. During the meeting, there were discussions on the selection and use of the rollers with the senior product manager, that would help customers choose the most suitable rollers for different occasions in a rapid way. If the technical personnel in the logistics transportation industry  receives continuous and thorough training, they can deliver better solutions for  roller  transportation.        

“A digital factory”


On July 2019, Damon Industry’s digital factory was officially put into production. At the same time, we’ve added advanced equipment to further improve the production capacity of the belt roller, shorten the product delivery period and improve the product quality. As always, putting "quality roller guarantee" first. 

“Recruiting talents”


On September 2019, Damon Industry’s HR department run a recruitment campaign at Huzhou Normal School. It also accompanied Wuxing district government to the job fair in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. The HR department tried to convince the students to apply to a position in the region of Zhejiang and our company, by communicating and exchanging ideas with them; also, the HR department held in-depth conversations on school enterprise cooperation with various local colleges and universities, so as to provide a channel for talent recruitment.



On October 2019, Damon Industry launched its smart green CONVEYLINX-ECO line of DPR cards and low noise conveyor rollers at Shanghai New International Expo Center. We are working with our customers to promote smart manufacturing and to create a competitive environment for customers in the logistics delivery system.  

“Skills Competition”


On November 2019, Damon Industry held the first edition of “The Skills Competition” By improving the skills of our employees, training the teams and selecting the experts, we help Damon Industry take a new step in the field of logistics equipment components.  

2019 is about to wave goodbye

Thank you for your continuous support

Let's get better and better together

We will start a new chapter in 2020

And we will create more.

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