Building Damon Industry’s “organizational culture”
Release Time:2019-12-05

What is culture? Famous writer Lung Ying-Tai defined "culture" as follows---human beings are scattered pearls, rolling around, culture is a thin but strong piece of string, so wearing a string of pearls is like building a society. When civil society no longer relies on imperial power or theocracy to consolidate its base, culture and history become the most important cohesive factors.

The culture of a country (such as Confucian culture in China), the culture of a family (family style); every social unit immerses in its own "culture." Organizational culture is also an important part of social culture.

What is organizational culture? Also known as corporate culture, it is the cultural image of an organization, consisting of values, beliefs, rituals, symbols, and ways of doing things. In short, it shows a company performing daily actions in every aspect.

As a strategic soft power resource, the organizational culture lays at the foundation of a company, it represents the spiritual pillar of a company.

As a well-known brand in the industry of logistics equipment - Damon Industry has been committed to building its organizational culture. “Customer value, cooperation and mutual trust, passing on tradition and innovation, teamwork, strict discipline” are Damon Industry’s corporate values and the most important components of Damon’s organizational culture.


In 2019, Damon Industry has been strengthening its organizational culture, starting from setting a code of conduct, based on 6 aspects: 

A - Regarding customers:  Ponder over the needs of the customer, proactively analyze the difficulties of the customer, provide assistance to the customer and actively solve problems for the customer.

The three no’s: Say no to product defects, say no to customer service lag issues, say no to not being able to create value for your customer. 


B - Regarding the state of mind: Empathy, try to understand the problem from within the others’ frame of reference, use your heart to understand each other, treat your work and your colleagues with respect.

The three no’s: Say no to preconceived ideas, say no to selfishness, say no to not caring about other people’s feelings.


C – Regarding communication: Communication is a two-way process, a prompt feedback is expected, try to be good at listening and understanding each other's intentions.

The three no’s: Say no to leaving a message and not returning it, say no to turning a blind eye, say no to only caring about yourself.

D – Regarding teamwork: Try to complement each other work, take care about the overall situation, try not to evade responsibility, try to be brave enough to take on responsibility, put cross functional cooperation first. 

The three no’s: Say no to lying to your colleagues, say no to thinking you are superior to others, say no to working alone.


E- Regarding success: Learn from others’ success, then you yourself can be successful, learn to share at work.    

The three no’s: Say no to shutting yourself off, say no to narrow-mindedness, say no to hindering others’ development. 


F – Regarding leadership: A leader should possess a collective sense, should focus on the overall situation, should play a leading role in the team. Try to be good at controlling your emotions, care about your subordinates, be tolerant, counsel your subordinates and help them grow.

The three no’s: Say no to departmentalism, say no evading responsibilities, say no to not focusing on your subordinates’ growth.


Organizational culture materializes in making your employees adopt the same way of thinking and the same work mode. When requiring employees to comply with a code of conduct, rules become habits after a while and eventually, they become rooted in this culture. 

Damon Industry is strengthening its organizational culture by adopting one way of thinking and one code of conduct, starting from third-level management to first-level management. By building an organizational culture, Damon Industry unified thinking and behavior, so to be able to deliver on its “Quality Roller Guarantee” commitments.

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