[The lecture Hall of Damon Industry] takes you into the mysterious land of ZAM (II)
Release Time:2019-03-21

I.  Super corrosion resistance 

The alloying elements such as Al and Mg added into the ZAM (Zn-Al-Mg) steel sheet coating enhances the corrosion resistance of coating, and its corrosion resistance is several/dozens of times of the ordinary galvanized steel sheet. 

Now let’s illustrate with specific actual data and take the 275g (world recognized) zinc plating as the standard; Red rust occurs after conducting 275g galvanized salt spray test for 400-500h; Red rust occurs when testing with 304 stainless steel for 1,500h; Red rust occurs after testing with 275g ZAM material for 4,400h. It indicates that the corrosion resistance of ZAM material is super strong. 


II.  Easy machining 

Three characteristics are as follows:

1.Increasing scratch resistance of product surface,hard to scrach;

2.Low surface wear rate,and improved stamping property;

3.The Vickers hardness of ordinary galvanized surface is about 80,bue the Vickers hardness of ZAM coating surface can reach 120.

ZAM coating is more compact than ordinary zinc coating,hard to stripping when stamping parts,has machinning performances such as good tensile and stamping and excellent damage resistance due to the higher coating hardness.

III.  Self-recovery performance

ZAM coating has the function of “self-recovery”, the components of coating around the cutting surface can be dissolved constantly and form a compact protective film constituted by zinc hydroxide, alkaline zinc chloride and magnesium hydroxide, and the protective film is lower in conductivity and resistant to the corrosion of cutting surface. 

IV.  Contribution to environmental protection 

ZAM coating is more environment-friendly due to the chrome-free treatment. Ordinary electrogalvanizing needs trivalent chromium passivation coating and barrier coat with zinc-nickel alloys. Although the current electroplating process omits the harmful and toxic layer compared with the previous hexavalent chromium passivation, it is still harmful to the environment compared with chrome-free materials. Therefore, ZAM have made great contributions to environmental protection. 

By means of its strong performance advantages and environmental protection feature of materials, ZAM (Zn-Al-Mg) is popular and concerned by all walks of life and destined to become a new favor of manufacturing industry in the future. Damon Industry introduces ZAM pipe into the roller industry and will definitely lead the new starting point of roller industry--the core component of domestic conveying equipment. 


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