Damon Industry won the "2016 Chinese logistics industry well-known brands"
Release Time:2017-01-09

In July 20th this year, Premier Keqiang Li chaired a State Council executive meeting, he proposed that  the "Internet + logistics" as logistics "supply side reform" of the deployment of advance, and clearly that "this is the development of the new economy, but also in the upgrading of logistics, manufacturing and other traditional economic China, boost the overall economic transformation and upgrading".

 "Internet + logistics" promote the large market of the logistics technology and equipment, in order to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese logistics equipment and technology industry, and promote the efficient, green and intelligent transformation and upgrading of Chinese logistics equipment and technology enterprise, and practice “Chinese manufacturing 2025”, Chinese logistics brand network through the mode of "Internet plus logistics brand", and using online voting system vendors to elect 2016 Chinese logistics technology and equipment well-know brand with fair and transparent. Damon Industry once again luckily won the 2016 Chinese logistics industry well-know brand (logistics equipment) “.


To increase brand promotion efforts of Chinese logistics technology and equipment, establish a good image of Chinese manufacturing brand, and form brand-name products, brand-name enterprise of independent intellectual property rights; Giving full play to the advantages of media in China logistics brand network, and cooperation with Asia's largest logistics equipment and technology exhibition CeMAT ASIA.  During the period of CeMAT ASIA 2016 held in 2016 Chinese logistics well-know brand award ceremony and 2016 Chinese logistics technology and equipment procurement and selection seminar in.

At the meeting,the heads of enterprises from various fields share their business transformation and upgrading in the procurement and selection of logistics technology and equipment, how to attach importance to logistics technology and equipment brand strength,  thus ,promote Chinese logistics equipment brand building of China.

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