Grow up with Damon Industry

It is always so bright and clear in the spring of Damon Industry , and there is no cloud in the blue sky. I always find the sky over my head so beautiful when I look up! The sky is so high and so blue. I am so pleased while looking at the sky.


On early mornings, a three-floor spacious and bright office building first came to my sight when I walked into Damon Industry and passed the wisteria flower stand, smelling the light fragrance of wisteria flower. I remember that the company had only one simple factory building at the point of my entry. The office was simply set up and all the departments were crowded in one office of dozens of square meters, with the dark light and cramped environment. Some little creatures would appear in the office from time to time. But now, Damon Industry covers an area of about 14,000 m2, where the factory building is separated from office. Sales, personnel, finance and production have independent offices. Work and coordinate are divided without interference!


When I walk into the office and turn on the computer, the familiar ERP system, the improved systematic process and a whole set of systematic operation from quotation – contract – order – storage – payment reception – stock removal – billing are succinct and clear, and all are linked with each other. I remember that EXCEL computing was used for quotation previously; price calculation not only wasted time and energy but also was extremely easy to be wrong. Currently, the prices of parts are input in ERP system, and the system will automatically calculate the accurate price after we choose the product type. Financial payment reception has also changed to system loading from the initial paper cleaning; K3 system will automatically match the orders after the financial personnel uploads the clients’ payment reception to K3 system every day so as to conduct system cleaning. Such system optimizations have not only increased the efficiency greatly but also reduced the error rate. What’s more, it can handle the clients’ orders faster and feed back to the clients in time.


Sales Area has also developed from the one-man operation to the teamwork and coordination to avoid the situation that the clients’ orders cannot be timely handled due to the personnel’s leave. It is always so busy in the Sales Office of Damon Industry that the telephone rings and keyboard knocks are constant, which constitute a piece of wonderful and harmonious song. 

In the race against time, the company has grown from nothing to something, from smallness to bigness. It has survived and grown up through the whole journey. In 2017, the sales performance broke through RMB 200,000,000. The performance has steadily increased by 20% - 30% continuously every year. Damon Industry has had nearly 300 employees now from the scale of less than 100 employees at that time in several years. The employees have also grown up continuously while the workforce has grown continuously.


I remember that I felt so pressured by the strange environment, strange colleagues and the strange work process when I was new to the company. I could not even make the EXCEL statement and not to mention ERP system at the beginning. But now, I am familiar with the operation. I have also experienced the post changes from the internal work, freight to sales. I have benefited a lot from what I have learnt from each post; internal work needs carefulness; freight needs the internal and external communication. I shall consider the problems from the client’s perspective for sales. Currently, I will be filled with incomparable pride in mind when I hear the clients say that the rollers are made good and that they are assured by buying rollers of Damon over the telephone. I believe that we will win the trust of the clients as long as we treat every client sincerely.

Since I entered Damon Industry, all the things have changed but the only thing that has not changed is that Director Cai leads us to hold a morning meeting every Monday. At the morning meeting, there is encouragement; criticism and summary of the work of last week as there are also matters needing attention for the future work. We can harvest a little at each morning meeting. Director Cai has also led Damon Industry to go through spring, summer, autumn and winter one after another.


Through trials and hardships we accompany each other day and night. As a member of the company I need to work steadily while recalling harvests with emotions. The future can be expected. Let’s witness a better tomorrow of Damon Industry! 

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