Building the Dream of Damon with Craftsman's Ingenuity ——The First Professional Skills Competition of Damon Industry
Release Time:2019-12-13

In order to carry forward the spirit of craftsman, strengthen the construction of skilled personnel, speed up the cultivation of craftsmen, select and cultivate excellent high-skilled personnel, 60 contestants and 18 referees from various departments gathered together on November 27, 2019 to open up the First Professional Skills Competition of Damon Industry in 2019. This competition has 8 major events, namely, pipe calibration, common lathe, numerical control, blanking, making of fitter and forklift and quality defect finding. With the wide range, the competition is closely combined with actual production work. The staff's participation was extremely enthusiastic and the atmosphere was warm. 

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Xing, deputy general manager of Damon Industry, delivered a speech on the theme of "surpassing oneself, improving skills, comparing, learning, catching up with, helping and emulating each other". It is expected that through this skills competition, we can further improve our professional skills, further train the talent team and select skilled experts, so that Damon Industry can reach a new level in the field of core components of logistics equipment. Later, the contestants and referees' representatives took the oath on the stage respectively. Amid the warm cheers and applause, the professional skills competition officially began. 

Experts gathered and showed their skills. The contestants were absorbed and composed. The contestants accurately grasped the materials and time, and were proficient in the process, winning cheers and applause from the scene. They not only raced against time, but also were highly professional and normative in operation. They strived to keep improving in every step, and fully showing the rigorous and solid professional level of front-line technical experts and their progressive and aggressive spirit. 



All departments made concerted efforts to be loyal to their duties and to ensure fairness. In order to ensure the "openness, fairness and justice" of the competition, all relevant departments worked out corresponding competition rules and scoring standards according to the post characteristics after many discussions before the competition. On the field, the referees devoted themselves to the record of the competition seriously and impartially, and fulfilled their duties, which fully demonstrated a high sense of responsibility. The staff followed and assisted the whole process, rushing around every corner of the field, escorting the smooth progress of the competition and carefully recording the wonderful moments of the players. 

Contestants beyond themselves, outdid others and won the awards. After a day of intense competition, 14 contestants emerged from the competition. On December 29, 2019, the commendation conference of the Damon Industry Professional Skills Competition was solemnly held in the manufacturing center. The 14 skilled experts received the commendations and awards, bringing the Competition to a successful end. 


Taking this professional skills competition as an opportunity, various departments have set off a new wave of business knowledge and skills learning, forming a professional atmosphere of seeking increasing perfection. Damon Industry will, as always, support every employee to learn skills and strengthen skills. Further, it is essential to the development of the enterprise in the process of pursuing dreams and growing up together with the enterprise. 

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