Damon Industry’s belt conveyor pulley ensured a stable operation of the automatic weighing equipment
Release Time:2019-01-10

In 2017, the total volume of express delivery in China hit 401 billion pieces, so on one hand, we’re concerned with logistics and on the other, with optimization and everybody is squeezing their brain to find new ways to fulfill objectives.       

Automatizing the weighing equipment implies online transport docking, high-speed scanning, weighing and photographing, but how fast and accurate can be a-two-in-one or three-in-one device? Stable operation of the belt conveyor plays a key role. We frequently hear about loose welded rollers, abnormal operation of the rollers or delay within delivery time, which can cause an increase in maintenance costs and a decrease in work efficiency. 


 For more than 20 years now, Damon Industry has been researching lamination, so as to be able to provide customized, stable and innovative rollers and help clients improve efficiency and find solutions to a series of problems:       

1. By using the new patented friction welding technique and equipment, the work piece is fully integrated, the welding area increases, the risks of cold soldering and loose welding are eliminated and welding strength and quality are improved.       

2. By controlling the tolerance accuracy of the barrel and the shaft, ensuring the h7 head shaft’s accuracy, adjusting and optimizing the roller manufacturing process, along with allowing proper gaps and fits of/to the work piece, quick installation, continuous testing, improvements in tooling, making sure that the roller’s running radial imbalance doesn’t exceed 20 SI (*si, a unit of weight (=0.0005 grams)), operation of the equipment gets more stable and less noisy.

3. By using German imported high-precision double-cut automatic equipment, a double-head hole boring machine, special equipment developed together with our team of external experts, ensuring product size and manufacturing accuracy requirements, efficiency increases, along with product’s quality and stability. At the same time, time delivery cycle shortens, fulfilling customers’ needs of “high accuracy, product optimization and fast delivery”.         


Presently, Damon Industry’s belt conveyor pulley has been used in several projects concerning e-commerce, airport, security check or logistics industries. With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and while providing good quality rollers, we strongly hope we could work together with our clients to achieve greater goals.  


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